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I love to do so many things: I crochet, read, and I also write. I believe that it's the act of writing that makes me a writer, not my published works. This blog is a record of my often meandering path as I try and follow my muse.

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The short version: crocheting and books...as necessary to my life as breathing!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My future path seems clear...

...and it will be crocheting for others (of all ages). Being forced to slow down taught me a lot. Not being able to crochet left me with a feeling of frustration but this experience also gave me more empathy for those who are permanently disabled. That's where this intense desire has come from to reach out and comfort others by crocheting something that will make them feel cared for and loved.
My secondary path will be writing. During this time of recuperation I could have written in a notebook, using a premise I'd outlined for a novel, but I didn't have the hunger or desire to write. If I'm to write again, I need to find direction and focus!


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