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I love to do so many things: I crochet, read, and I also write. I believe that it's the act of writing that makes me a writer, not my published works. This blog is a record of my often meandering path as I try and follow my muse.

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The short version: crocheting and books...as necessary to my life as breathing!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When will I write something...

...other than the scribbles I put on my desk calendar?
The short answer: I'm not sure. I have some crochet commissions to complete and I always want to send things in for the our wounded Miltary members and their families, so I'm afraid writing has been put on the back burner yet again. I haven't given up on getting back into it, though. When you're a writer there is no retirement age...LOL!

My Review of: Love Finds You in Revenge Ohio, by Lisa Harris

This is a wonderful story. In the late 1800’s Catherine Morgan has always tried to do the right thing in her life and watching over her sisters is only one of them. She thinks she has her life all figured out until former fiancé Corbin Hunter returns to town – as Sheriff. She’s confused and not sure how to deal with the turmoil this causes her when life then throws her the biggest curve ever. In seeing events unfold through Catherine’s eyes we continue to admire her inner strength as she tries to protect the ones she loves.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it!

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